Lodge Leask No.1084

Lodge Centenary 1911-2011

William Hutchison Leask

William Hutchison Leask

Lodge Leask No 1084 was consecration with full Masonic ceremonial on 22nd May 1911 followed by a supper at the Station Hotel, Maud. The Lodge is named after William Hutchison Leask the then Provost of Peterhead and PGM of Aberdeenshire East. The Lodge celebrated its first 100 years in May this year. The current Temple of Lodge Leask in Maud was redidicated by PGM on Sat 7th May 2011, followed by a dinner dance in the Maud Hall.

Leask Redidication

Rededication Lodge Leask

A fully history of Lodge Leask is contained in the Lodge Centenary Book